Removing an Old Shed Built on Concrete

There are several reasons you may have for removing your shed, whether you need the space or your old shed has become more dangerous than useful. While removing a shed may be difficult, it is doable. Below are some tips and hints on the best way to go about shed removal as well as what to do with the concrete slabs afterwards.

Tearing Down the Shed

When you are tearing a shed down it is best to go about this backwards. Think of how it was built and start at the end. This means any doors and windows need to be removed first. Remove these as carefully as possible as you may be able to use them for a new shed or another project.

After you have successfully removed the doors and windows you will need to get a rope attached around a beam and tie the other end of the rope to some sort of heavy machinery such as a tractor or pickup truck. Make sure that it can handle the weight of the barn as it will be what pulls it down. You should drive slowly to cause less of a mess as well as less damage.

Clean Up

Once you have successfully torn down your shed you will more than likely have a mess on your hands. Start to cut down the beams using a chainsaw. Get all of the wood sorted into two piles, one you can use and one that you can’t. If your shed had any fixtures of any kind you may also want to make two piles of those as well. These can be reused and sold if they are in good enough shape.  

Be sure that you remove all of the small, hazardous material, such as sharp objects. This will help you to go through your debris quicker and safer. Find a safe place that is out of the way to store your stockpiles.

Concrete Foundation

If you do not wish to get rid of your concrete foundation, you can decorate it or build another shed upon it. However if you do wish to get rid of your concrete foundation you can do this as well.

To remove a concrete foundation, you will first need to cut the concrete into smaller slabs for easier removal. This is best done with a circular saw. With a jack hammer or hammer drill you will want to continue to break up the concrete into even smaller sections. Any pieces that are hard to remove can be done so with a crowbar. If a crowbar does not do the trick then a sledgehammer and chisel should take care of it. A smaller sledgehammer should be used for smaller spots.

Clean up for a concrete foundation may require some rented material. A concrete trash bin can be rented for this specific task. The edges of these bins are shorter than a normal trash bin. This is to make it easier to drop heavy materials into it. Use a wheelbarrow or a dolly to transfer the slabs to the trash bin.