Removing Chlorine from on Top of Brick Pavers

When you use brick pavers near a pool, chlorine can splash onto them, creating a salty white stain known as efflorescence. Consult the tips below for removing chlorine efflorescence from brick pavers.

Remove Chlorine Efflorescence Early

When the chlorine first dries on the brick pavers, it will have a powdery texture. If you notice it soon after it forms, you can sweep it off with a stiff bristle broom. Be sure you sweep away from the pool edge to avoid getting brick dust into the pool. If you cannot remove all the powdery efflorescence with the broom, contact the contractor where you purchased your brick pavers, to purchase a cleaner such as masonry detergent, that will safely clean the chlorine powder off the brick pavers without removing their color.

Cleaning Calcite Off Brick Pavers

As the chlorine builds up, it hardens into calcite, a salty crystal which is hard to remove. Find out why you have chlorine buildup on the pavers, and solve the problem, then clean them with a calcite presoaking agent, followed by an acid-based paver cleaner, available from most brick paver makers.

Causes of Calcite Buildup

The brick pavers may be exposed to constant splashing from a pool waterfall, or the drainage slope for the pavers may be too shallow.