Removing Gloss Paint from Surfaces

Removing gloss paint from surfaces around the home can be challenging if the paint is old and is an oil-based product. But depending on the size of the job, you might accomplish this task in an afternoon. This article give you tips on how to remove gloss paint.

Preparing the Area

Mask off the painted area so you do not contaminate any adjacent spots. You may also need to cover floors and wood trim to protect them from paint stripper.

Ventilating the Area

If you work inside, open windows and doors and ventilate the area with a fan. Gloss paint is an oil-based product that produces harmful fumes. Once you mix stripper and start applying it, you also need to wear a  mask.

Scratching an Entry Area

Penetrate the hard layer of gloss paint to gain an entry point for your stripper. Use a screwdriver or other blade-like tool. Tap the top of the blade tool to crack the paint. Work in 5- to 10-foot square sections.

Applying Paint Stripper

Use a paint brush to apply the stripper liberally to the gloss paint. Allow the area to sit for 30 minutes.

Scraping the Paint

Using a paint scraper or putty knife, remove the old paint. Place it in a bucket for proper disposal according to local codes for hazardous materials.