Removing Metal Lath and Plaster

What You'll Need
Heavy duty gloves
Canvas tarps

Metal lath and plaster can be a nightmare to remove. If you know how to do this, though, the job will be much easier. It's a messy job, and you will need to set aside plenty of time to complete. Follow the steps below to effectively remove metal lath and plaster.

Step 1 - Prepare the Room and Yourself

The edges of metal lathe are sharp, and since you are pulling it from behind plaster, you won't be able to see it. Make sure you have heavy duty gloves to protect yourself. You also want to wear long sleeves and pants as well as eye protection. A mask is necessary because you are going to create a lot of dust. Remove everything from the area, and lay down the canvas tarps.

Step 2 - Hammer the Seams

The trick to removing the metal lath is to find the seams. Hammer along the seams until the plaster breaks apart. As the plaster falls away, you will be able to find the metal lath behind it. 

Step 3 - Removal

With the seams exposed, you can use the hammer to loosen everything along the studs. Once it's loosened, you can grab the wire with the claw end of the hammer and pull it down. The weight of the plaster will help it fall.