Removing Mudroom Lockers

What You'll Need
Hammer with claw or a pry bar
Screw driver
Spackling knife

A mudroom is a hall commonly located in the front entrance of the home that connects the car garage to the main area of the home and houses a mudroom locker. Mudroom lockers are storage spaces in the mudroom that usually houses outdoor clothing like raincoats and thick jackets and footwear like boots and goulashes. If you want to redecorate your mudroom the first thing you could do is remove the lockers so you could perhaps install new ones so that the design goes well with the rest of your house.

Step 1 - Clear Mudroom

Remove any piece of clothing or footwear that is stored inside the mudroom lockers. Place them in a box and label them. This is also a good time to give away clothing articles that you haven’t used in awhile and have been sitting in the back of the closet space.

Step 2 - Do a Visual

The lockers may also be housing water pipes or wirings underneath it. If so, turn off the water source and turn off the power supply to the wirings or outlets. You will be taking down the lockers and you wouldn’t want to hit the pipes later on and flood your mudroom.

Step 3 - Remove Base

Start with removing the base or the floor cabinets. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the cabinet doors if there are any. If you do not wish to restore these cabinets or lockers, use a pry bar to take it down. A hammer could help if you want to totally dismantle these cabinets. They will be easier to remove if they are cut into pieces and not one whole piece of cabinet.

Step 4 - Remove Wall Cabinets

The cabinets may have been nailed or mounted on the wall. Look around and see how it is stuck to the wall. If you are the one who installed it, chances are you know how it’s hung but if not, you may check under the cabinets or at the sides. Often times, the nails will be at the edges of the cabinet. If it is hard to detach from the wall, use a pry bar. Have someone hold the cabinet while you pry it off or else it may fall on you and cause injury.

Step 5 - Clean Area

As soon as you have removed the mudroom lockers from your mudroom, clear the area of wood, nail and debris to avoid further injury from stepping on nails and splinting from the wood. Use a cloth soaked in soapy water to clean the walls where the lockers used to hang.

Step 6 - Repair Walls

Most likely the old lockers have done some damage to the walls and will have holes and scratches. Use The best thing you can do is repainting the whole mudroom. Apply compound on the walls with your spackling knife. When dry, sand it until it is even with the wall. As soon as it dries, you may start painting the wall.