Removing Paint From Interior Door Hardware

While careful painters remove interior door hardware before painting, not every painter is careful. If you’re in a rush and didn’t remove the hardware prior to painting, wet paint can be removed easily from interior door hardware with a damp rag. However, if previous painters simply painted over hinges, knobs and latches, you may wonder if it’s possible to remove the old paint.

In fact, it is, and it doesn’t require solvents, dangerous chemicals, expensive tools or awkward equipment. Here are the easy steps:

Remove the Hardware
Depending on how much paint is on the hardware, this may involve using a utility knife to cut through the paint and loosen the hardware from the door.

Fill the Crock Pot
Place the hardware into a crock pot and cover the pieces with water. Then add two tablespoons of liquid dish detergent. Stir and turn the heat onto medium.


Place a lid on the crock pot and let the hardware cook through the night.

Remove Paint

In the morning, remove the hardware from the water with tongs. Most of the paint will come off easily, with just a little coaxing from your fingers. For the more stubborn bits, use a soft, nylon brush (avoid wire brushes or power tools.)