Removing Rolling Shutters Easily

What You'll Need
Screwdrivers to remove fasteners
Safety glasses
2 stepladders
A helper

You may want to bring your rolling shutters along when you move to a new home, or take them down for quick repair or adjustment. Follow these quick tips to remove rolling shutters easily and safely.

Step 1: Reroll the Rolling Shutter Completely Into the Housing

Roll the shutter up as far as it goes into its housing above the window. You can then move it more easily once you detach the housing.

Step 1: Remove the Front Cover of the Rolling Shutter Housing

Find the screws that hold the front cover to the housing, and undo them carefully. Holding the front cover by the bottom edge, pull it up slowly toward the top of the shutter housing and lift it away. Lay it flat on a sofa or on the floor.

Step 2: Remove the Rolling Shutter Housing

Set up 2 stepladders at either end of the housing. Rolling shutters are quite heavy, so use 2 people to remove them. With your helper, find and release the screws holding the rolling shutter housing in place. Lift the housing away from the window in one smooth motion. Place the rolling shutter housing flat on the floor away from foot traffic.