Removing Rust from a Metal Fireplace Screen

Brick fireplace with metal screen
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A metal fireplace screen can collect rust over time and will cause the screen to look awful. There are some very simple methods to get your metal screen clean and free of rust.

Cleaning Your Screen with Tools and Cleaners

One of the best and easiest ways to clean a metal fireplace screen is to use a metal brush. Take your screen outdoors, run the metal brush over the rusted areas, and get as much of the powder off that you can.

You can also use specially formulated cleaners for getting the rust off. You will want to make sure you get all the rust off because one speck left on the screen will cause the whole chemical reaction to take place again.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

If you have problems finding a special rust remover, you can use a metal soap pad like a Brillo pad to clean off the rust. You will need to use water with the pad. After you have used the pad, be sure your screen is wiped completely dry or the water will allow rust to regenerate.

Rust Prevention

If you use your fireplace regularly and keep your metal fire screen in as well, you shouldn't have too many rust problems. Keeping the walls and ceiling free of leaks around your fireplace will aid in preventing rust from forming on any of your metal fireplace accessories.