Removing Rust Stains from Clothing

What You'll Need
Cream of tartar
Hot water
Regular detergent
A lemon
A small bowl
Industrial rust remover
A small cloth

Removing rust stains from clothing is a very simple and quick procedure. Rust is a flaky substance that can rub onto fabric with the slightest of touches. It can be easy to place clothing on a rusting radiator without thinking about the consequences. If it is not removed from clothing, it can render a priceless shirt or pair of jeans useless. Here is an efficient guide to remove those rust stains:

Step One - Attack the Stain

Your first step is to make a paste using cream of tartar, salt and hot water. These are all common items you should find around your house. Mix equal measures of each and then rub the paste onto the rust stain with a moderate amount of force. Place the stained clothing into your washing machine and wash normally with your regular detergent. If the stain is a larger one, turn the heat of the water up on the washing machine settings without exceeding the recommended temperatures for a particular fabric.

Step Two - Remove Small Particles

Take the clothing out of the washing machine and squeeze the juice of half a lemon over where the rust stain was. The acids in the lemon will remove any smaller particles of rust. It will also give your clothing a fresh smell and will not stain the fabric in any visible way. Do this even if the stained area is clear because small rust particles will still be attached to the clothing.

Step Three - Cleaning Delicate Materials

If you have gotten rust stains on clothing made from delicate fabrics, these delicates cannot be thrown into the washing machine. Place delicate clothing items over some boiling water, sprinkle lemon juice on the stain and rinse thoroughly. Do this repeatedly until the stain starts to disappear. Take your time with more delicate clothing because the slightest error could ruin the color or damage the fabric.

Step Four - Apply Paste

If this method does not work to remove rust stains from delicate materials, take some of the paste described earlier and rub it into the rust stain. Feel free to add a little of the lemon juice into the paste. Allow this to soak in for around half an hour and then rinse thoroughly. The rust stain should be removed from your delicate clothing. Only use a small amount at a time to protect the delicate fabric and fibers.

Step Five - Stubborn Rust Stains

If there is still rust on any items of clothing, you may have to use a high acidity rust remover on them. This can be bought from any good home utilities store. Apply a small amount to a cloth and rub over the stained area. Rinse this immediately and the power of the industrial acids should remove any remaining rust. This option should only be used on hardwearing fabrics such as denim.