Removing Security Screen Doors

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What You'll Need
Center punch
Vise grips

Security screen doors are an economical choice for protecting your home or business. They are usually made out of lightweight metal bars and are easy to install. Removing them would normally require a specialized tool because they are held in place by one-way screws. You can still remove one if you lack this tool by following these steps.

Step 1 - Place the Center Punch

One-way screws are just what the name implies. They are designed like this so that potential burglars cannot use a normal screwdriver to remove security screen doors. Place the center punch on the side of the one-way screw, so that when you hammer it the screw will rotate counterclockwise.

Step 2 - Hammer to Rotate the One-Way Screw

Use your hammer to tap the center punch and rotate the one-way screw counterclockwise. Keep repositioning and hammering the center punch until the screw’s head has come out of the hole far enough to be grabbed.

Step 3 - Use the Vise Grips to Finish the Job

Once the screw’s head is sticking out, grab it using your vise grips and keep rotating the screw counterclockwise until you remove it completely. Do this for all the screws on the security screen door. You can then simply remove it.