Removing Stains from Fine Expensive Clothing

Removing stains from clothing can be a daunting task, especially if the stain has found itself on a delicate fabric. Fabrics such as silk, satin and suede are very difficult to clean in general and when trying to remove a stain from these fabrics it becomes downright grueling. The best way to clean these fabrics is dry cleaning; however, this article will cover a few ways to remove different stains from fine fabrics.


Getting a stain on a silk blouse is very irritating, especially since frequent washings of silk are very bad for the fabric and dry cleaning is expensive. There are a few methods to try before heading to the dry cleaners.

  • If you have spilled coffee onto silk; dab the area with lukewarm water, then rub glycerin on the spot, leave it for an hour,then rinse with warm water.
  • If perfume leaves a circular stain on your clothing; take cheesecloth and apply denatured alcohol to it and dab the area from inside the fabric.
  • For a chocolate stain, the first thing to do is to scrape the chocolate removing as much as possible with a butter knife. Clean the spot with soapy, warm water. You can rub the spot with a solution of ammonia and denatured alcohol, if it is still brown; make certain to rinse with warm water.
  • If sweat stains have ravaged your favorite blouse, dilute white vinegar with water and apply with a sponge. If it is an old stain, mix crushed aspirin, cream of tartar and warm water; apply to stain, allow setting for 20 minutes,and then wash with warm water.


Suede is by far the worst fabric to clean. But, it is also very attractive as clothing and as shoes; so, you will keep wearing it and therefore staining it. If the stain you have, is a dry stain, you should use a shoe brush or toothbrush on it. If you try brushing and it doesn't work, try rubbing an emery board on the spot. Lastly, you can warm a teapot to steaming and hold the fabric over it. This will allow you to dab the spot off with a clean cloth.

If your suede shoes are in need of some help use a pencil eraser on a dry stain; if you have spilled liquid, dab a paper towel on the spill, do not rub. Use a suede brush on the shoes. You can also use a little white vinegar on a damp cloth; then air dry.


Satin is usually used to make bridal apparel and formal wear; a perfect breeding ground for stains. Luckily, cleaning these spots is pretty easy and contrary to popular belief, you can machine wash some types.

If you get a spot on your satin formal wear, use a stain stick that doesn't contain any form of bleach; treat the stain and wash as soon as possible. You must treat stains immediately or they will set. If you happen to get a bloodstain, soak in cold water, then use the stain remover. Check the tag and see how it should be washed; no matter if you hand wash or machine wash your garment, no type of satin goes in the dryer.