Removing Wrinkles in Wall to Wall Carpet

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  • 3-5 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
Hand truck
A friend or helper
Automatic carpet stretcher
Tack strip

Having a room with wall to wall carpet can be comfortable and cozy. Sometimes, over time, the carpet stretches and ends up with small wrinkles in unwanted places in the room. When this happens, you will need to clear the room and pull the wrinkles right out of the carpet. It is not a hard process, just time consuming. Make sure you have a helper to move the furniture! Follow this process to restore your carpet to a smooth surface.

Step 1 - Clear the Room

To get out all the wrinkles in your carpeting, you will want to do it when the surface is free from any furniture or room decor. Take some extra time to prepare your area. Using a friend or a hand truck, remove the furniture from the room and place it in another space where it will not get in the way.

Step 2 - Vacuum the Carpet

Begin by cleaning up the carpet. Vacuum it to remove any dirt, dust or hair. It should be completely cleaned before you try and get out the wrinkles.

Step 3 - Pull Up the Carpet Edges

Very carefully, pull up the edges of the carpet along the room. Leave one of the sides completely tacked down. It is usually best to leave the side that is by the doorway or flush with the entryway completely tacked in place. This will provide a surface, steady enough to leave for stretching.

If you find it difficult to pull up the carpet with your fingers, use a carpet knife to aid in this process.

Step 4 - Inspect the Tack Strip

Inspect the tack strip. Take a look all around the room to see if any has been damaged. You will know that it is damaged if any of the tacking is bent or flat.

Step 5 - Change the Tack Strip

Change out the old tack strip for new tack strip if it is damaged. Pull up the old tack strip using the other end of your hammer. You may also cut it with your flooring knife. Lay down new sections of tack strip, tacking it in place with a hammer. Remember, do not use the head of the hammer, otherwise it will damage the tacks. Always use the flat side of the hammer.

Step 6 - Lay Carpet Over Tack Strip

Lay the carpet over the tack strip. Push the carpet inside the gully. (Note: the gully is the space in between the wall and the tack strip).

Step 7 - Stretch the Carpet

Using an automatic or electric stretching machine, stretch the carpet in place. Make sure it is taught. Take a look at the room and check to see that your wrinkles have been removed from the carpet. If the wrinkles still remain, then take a hair dryer and using your fingers, smooth out the wrinkles. Re-stretch the carpet until the wrinkles have completely disappeared

Step 8 - Reassemble the Room

Put all the furniture back in place. Vacuum the carpet before you move the furniture back.