Remove Rust from Outdoor Metal Objects

 There is no doubt that metal has a number of important advantages over many oth

There is no doubt that metal has a number of important advantages over many other kinds of building materials, including easy maintenance and great durability. Metal, however, does have one important drawback, and that is the fact that it tends to rust if left outside in the weather. Removing rust does not have to be difficult, if you follow these easy steps:

1. Be sure to protect your hands during the process. Always wear rubber gloves to protect yourself against the chemicals you will be using.

2. Treat the affected area using a rust removing agent that contains oxalic acid. When using the rust removing agent, be sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully, and take any safety precautions recommended. 3. Severe rust stains and rusted areas can be treated using a pumice scouring pad which has been soaked in a oxalic acid-containing rust removal agent. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when applying the rust removal agent to the metal.

4. Try to prevent as much rust as possible on outdoor items by keeping them out of the weather to the extent possible.

5. If rust stains do appear on outdoor metal items such as wrought iron furniture, a wire brush can be used to remove as much of the existing rust as possible. Sandpaper or a sandblaster can be used as well.

6. After the rust has been removed from the surface, the resulting bare spots should be primed using a rust resistant primer.

7. The items can then be repainted, using a paint designed for outdoor use.