Repaint Your Louvered Closet Doors

One of the most popular choice for closets is louvered closet doors. Either a bi-bold, or tri-fold, version are available and find their way into many bedrooms, home offices, and bathrooms. Painting a louvered closet door does present some challenges.

Take Off Hinges
Repainting a closet door is best done in a well ventilated area with lots of room to work. Taking the doors off the hinges and taking them outside or in a garage or basement work area is the best option.

Scrape Off Old Paint
Using a paint scraper, go over the entire closet door taking off any peeling paint. This requires only a light scraping. If you try to remove the paint with the scraper you can gouge the doors and leave scratches.

Fill In Scratches and Sand

Louvered closet doors can take a beating. Things are going in and out of them all the time. They are opened and closed several times a day. Feet hit against them, items fall against them, and normal everyday life causes damage. Fill in the gouges with wood puddy and sand to give a smooth finish.

Spray Paint

Louvered closet doors present a special challenge in painting. Spray painting the doors is the best option for even coating and less chance of dripping.