Repair a Damaged Hackberry Tree

A hackberry, also referred to as Celtis, is a deciduous tree found in southern and central North America. It is a medium-size tree that grows between 30 and 80 feet tall and produces a small, sweet fruit that is similar to dates. The different types of hackberry trees include the common, southern, European and Chinese hackberry. The Celtis, or hackberry tree, shares the same plant family as hemp plants.

Pruning Dead Limbs

If a hackberry tree becomes damaged due to natural elements or other causes, it can be repaired by pruning dead and dying limbs. The process of pruning requires you to cut back the pieces of dead branches in order to allow new growth to take place. A pruning operation takes place with pruning shears, which can be purchased at a home and garden center.

Repairing Damaged Bark

If damage takes place to the bark of the tree, the section of bark should be cut away and reattached, using duct tape. The area around the damaged bark should be checked on a periodic basis in order to watch for infection that could cause the tree to die prematurely. After a 2- to 3-month period the tape can be removed and the bark repair should be completed.