Repair Tips for Acrylic Stucco

If you have an old acrylic stucco wall, then you may notice that it has developed cracks or chips which mar the overall appearance of the stucco. You need to fix this problem quickly, as the stucco can rapidly disintegrate, and you will then need to remove all of your old stucco and replace it with new material. Repairing acrylic stucco can be done very easily.

Use Acrylic Stucco Caulk

In your home improvements store, you should be able to find a number of caulks which are suitable for repairing stucco. Read the labels carefully, and take a note of those ones which are suitable for your acrylic stucco walls. You also need a putty knife, and paint of the same color as that on the stucco wall.

Using the Caulk

Take your caulk, and place it into the crack. You should fill the crack with a generous amount of caulk, until it is spilling over the sides. Then, use your putty knife to wipe over the surfaces of the stucco, smoothing it out neatly, until the caulk is flush and level with the rest of the acrylic stucco wall. Leave it to dry for several days, before painting over it.