Repair Tips for Outdoor Water Fountains

An outdoor water fountain.
What You'll Need
Clear silicone
Resin and fiberglass cloth
Waterproof sealant
Mortar, quick drying concrete or cement

Outdoor water fountains are a beautiful and artistic addition to your yard. You want them to maintain their beauty, and be in good repair. Therefore, maintenance and repair are important factors to consider for your water fountain. Here are some repair tips if yours has any cracks or other issues that need to be fixed:

Clogged or Otherwise Non-Working Water Pumps

Without a working water pump, your outdoor water fountains will be worthless because no water can be pushed through the system. If your water pump stops working or runs slowly, the filter probably needs to be cleaned. To do this, take it out on a regular basis and clean out any dirt or other materials. These get into the pumps through wind, rain, or other means and can ruin your pump if not removed.

Checking and Fixing Leaks

A leak in your water fountain is also a bad because it wastes water and requires that it be replaced. Check the fountain over and see if you can locate the leak. If you can't see it, let the water sit for about seven days. Any cracks will show up as a white area on the base. If your fountain is made of either stone or fiberglass, you can fix this with clear silicone like the kind used to repair cracks in an aquarium.

Repairing Chips in Stone Fountains

If you find a chip in your stone water fountain, this can be easily patched using a mixture of mortar or quick drying concrete or cement. Mix it according to manufacturer's directions and then smooth it on with a trowel and let it dry. If it doesn’t match the stone, you can paint it to match.

Repairing Pieces That Break off

If pieces of your outdoor water fountain break off, you should be able to repair it using epoxy. Just mix the epoxy and put some on each broken piece. Stick them together and hold them that way for a few minutes. Once they stay together, let them dry.

Repairing Cracks or Broken Pieces in Resin Water Fountains

If your outdoor water fountains are made of a resin material, you can still repair a crack or broken part fairly easily. All you have to do is use a mixture of resin and fiberglass cloth like you can find in a boat supply store. Just apply it over the crack, smooth it out and let it dry completely before putting water back into the fountain.

Renewing old Waterproof Sealant on Concrete Fountains

Some outdoor water fountains are coated with a special waterproof sealant. This can wear off due to normal weather conditions and just by getting older. It’s easy to reapply new sealant by buying it at a hardware store and spraying it on. Then just let it dry and it will be as good as new.

Maintaining and repairing your outdoor water fountains will ensure you have many years of enjoyment and beauty in your yard. These tips are sure to keep it flowing!