Repair Your Brick Walkway

What You'll Need
Pry Bar

If your brick walkway is damaged, it can be a safety hazard, especially to small children and the elderly. The good news is that a brick walkway is easier to repair than other types of walkways, for example concrete, as you only need to remove the faulty brick or 2, rather than a huge patch of the walkway.

Step 1 – Remove Faulty Bricks

Remove the faulty pieces from the brick walkway, using a pry bar. This includes cracked bricks and unlevel bricks.

Step 2 – Lay the Base

Make sure the area is clear of debris. Once cleared, lay down a thorough covering of sand, and level it out, so that the ground is level for the bricks.

Step 3 – Lay the Bricks

Lay the bricks down in the same pattern as the existing bricks. This might mean that they are all in the same direction or alternating directions.

Step 4 – Finish It

Place more sand on top of the walkway and brush it into the cracks between the bricks in the walkway. When it rains next, this will moisten the soil and make the walkway more solid. If you live in a dry climate, then water the walkway to provide the moisture. The moisture will compress the sand, so you need to add more and repeat this step, until the sand is eventually level with the bricks, and your brick walkway is back as good as new.