Tips for Repairing Storm and Screen Doors

Storm and screen doors serve an important purpose in the home, but these doors can become damaged all too easily. Often screen or storm door frames will become warped or otherwise damaged, and it is important for the homeowner to know how to make repairs to their doors.

Prevention is of course the best recipe for success, and it is a good idea to avoid applying excessive force to these doors. Try to avoid slamming the screen and storm doors, and always keep them firmly closed when the weather is windy. It is also a good idea to practice preventive maintenance by keeping the hinges well oiled and ensuring that the latches of the door connect properly.

If, despite your best intentions and maintenance, the door frames do become damaged, there are steps that can be taken to salvage the door and return it to good operating condition.

For instance, small holes in the screen door can be replaced in the same manner as replacing a window screen. If the holes are very large, the entire screen can be replaced. If the storm or screen door contains interchangeable glass or screen panels, the panels should be checked before the door is installed each season, and the door frame should be checked for proper operation. Any panels that are missing or broken should be replaced before the door is hung.

It is also important to keep the door closing properly in order to avoid problems caused by excessive closing force. The closing speed of a pneumatic door closer can easily be adjusted using the screw placed on the end cap. If the pneumatic closer needs to be replaced entirely, be sure to buy the appropriate type, depending on whether the door opens to the right or the left.