Repairing A Chest Freezer

With its large capacity, your chest freezer represents a considerable part of your food budget. If it goes on the blink, you stand losing months of food that will never make it to the table. A rudimentary knowledge of freezer repair can save hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling before the repair man shows up.

Basic freezer repair The chest freezer is a simple device and you can fix it with a minimum of effort and a little know-how. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to diagnose your problem and keep your frozen dinners frozen.

Step 1: Check with Your Manufacturer

Each freezer is different depending on the manufacturer. Check the owner's manual for the exact make and model of your chest freezer. Once you have identified the manufacturer, you need to diagnose the problem.

Step 2: Diagnose the Problem

Several problems can arise with chest freezers. The fix will depend on the severity of the problem. Serious issues might be more easily addressed by just buying a new freezer. But you can fix many common problems if you understand what they are. Problems you might encounter with your chest freezer include:

  • Chest freezer lid will not stay up
  • Freezer makes a loud noise when it turns the power off.
  • Freezer is running, but not freezing
  • You lost your key for the freezer
  • Your freezer is dead

Step 3: Fix the Problem

Here are some simple tips to fix the above problems.

If the lid will not stay up, check the hinges. They usually have springs that hold them up. If ice builds up these springs can fail. The solution is to defrost the lid, which will thaw out the spring as well as thaw the ice on the lid to make it lighter.

If the freezer makes a loud noise, the compressor may be having problems. The compressor is an electric motor that can fail from time to time. Fixing or replacing the compressor can be a costly fix and if you're sure this is the problem, you might want to consider purchasing a new freezer.

If the freezer is running but not freezing could indicate a bad compressor or a leak somewhere in the system. This usually requires the services of a repair person who can tell you whether or not you should buy a new one.

If you lost your freezer key, contact your manufacturer for a replacement.

If your freezer is dead, meaning it is plugged in but not running at all, check the fuse box and the power cord. Or it might be that your cold control was left open.

A freezer is a valuable and important appliance. It allows you to keep months of meals on hand for a hungry family. When they break down, the first instinct is to buy a new one. You may eventually need to buy a new freezer but the fix might be fairly simple.

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