Repairing a Cracked Stucco Ceiling

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  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Wire brush
Air hose
Spray bottle with water
Stucco mixture (if needed)
Trowel (if needed)

A stucco ceiling is one of those parts of your home you will hardly ever have any problems with. However, there may be times when cracks will appear on the ceiling. Fixing the cracks is not out of the question for anyone who is familiar with very basic hand tools. Follow these steps to repair any cracks in your stucco ceiling.

Assess the Damage

There are several possible causes of cracks in the ceiling. Some might mean something bigger is causing the problem. If the crack is very wide and runs the length of the ceiling from the center out, or from the corner in, you could have a more serious problem to deal with. Causes could be a foundation shift, water damage. or floor joists splitting.

If you see any of these types of cracks in your stucco ceiling, then consult a contractor or home inspector. They can give you a professional evaluation of what is going on in your home. If, however, the crack in ceiling is minor, or very thin, you can take care of it very quickly.

Clean the Area

Once you have your materials gathered, start the repair process by cleaning out the track and removing any dirt and debris. Use the chisel to dislodge pieces of stucco. The air hose can blow out the cracks to ensure they are all clean. Remove any weak pieces of the stucco too.

Spray With Water

After the length of the crack is cleaned, spray it with water. Saturate the area as much as you can. You are getting the surrounding stucco wet because it will latch onto the moisture of new stucco and actually suck it out. This will cause the new stucco to crumble up and fall back out.

Fill the Cracks

Depending on the size of the cracks you can one of two things. If you are dealing with thin cracks, then you can use some cement caulking. Press it into the crack, working it throughout the entire crack. Once it is applied, then wipe off the excess and allow it to dry. If the cracks are wider than an 1-inch, then you will need to use stucco mix. Mix up enough to fill in the crack and use the trowel to smooth it out and add texture.


Once the cracks in the stucco ceiling are repaired, you can paint the ceiling a matching color. You may have to repaint the entire ceiling as the new section will stand out if it has been some time since the rest of the ceiling has been painted.