Repairing a Swing Set

Lead Image
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Socket driver set
Sand paper
Electric Sander
Spray paint

Whether made from metal, wood, or plastic, your swing set will need occasional repairs. Frequently inspect your set and address problems immediately to ensure that your play area remains safe and functional.

Swing set repair is quite easy with a few simple hand tools. Read on to learn how to repair a metal set.

Evaluate Damage

There are a few things that might need to be repaired with your swing set. Take some time to inspect the entire set to determine what you need to repair. This way, you can gather the appropriate materials and have everything ready before you start.

Broken Swing

A plastic molded swing can break when there is too much weight on it. If this happens, or the seat becomes cracked, you will have to replace it.

Start by purchasing a new seat from the manufacturer. These are usually all a single piece, so you will have to remove the entire assembly of the broken seat.

Using a wrench and pliers, remove the bolts, washer, and nut from the top of the swing assembly on the A-frame. Switch out the old seat for the new one. Bolt into place using the provided nuts and bolts that came with the new swing.

Slide Is Cracked

The weather or frequent use of a set can cause the slide attached to the swing set to crack or break. When this happens, replacement is a matter of removing a few bolts.

Purchase a new slide from the manufacturer. Look under the slide platform and locate the bolts holding it to the steps and frame. Remove them with the wrench and pliers. Remove slide and replace it with a new one. Tighten the new bolts to secure it in place.

Rusted Frame

After a few years of being outside, a metal frame swing set can begin to rust. While you might not be able to match the design, it is important to remove the rust and paint over to prevent further damage. If the entire swing set is starting to show signs of rust, repaint the entire assembly.

Sand off rust with sandpaper. If the rust is located over large areas, then use an electric sander. Clean the area of any debris or dust. Paint with spray paint your desired color. Let it dry.