Repairing Individual Doors of a Sectional Garage

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Power drill
Rubber mallet
Work bench
Old blanket or large towel
New door panels
New door section, if needed
A helper

Occasionally individual doors of a large sectional garage door will need adjustment or repair. Follow these guidelines to fix one door of your sectional garage door:

Step 1: Determine Extent of Damage to Section

Find out if the section that is causing the problem is on one of the sides or in the center. If you backed into one section, it will have a large dent. If each of your doors is made of small individual panels, you can simply repair or replace those panels rather than the whole door. If the sectional door has 3 full-height door sections, you will have to take out the whole door section. If 1 of the clear plexiglass panels in the door is broken, you may be able to replace just the panel without removing the door section.

Step 2: Remove the Section

Disconnect the power supply from an electric sectional garage door before removing sections. With a helper, release the edge doors from the rolling tracks that lift it up. Undo the track fasteners with a power drill and slide 1 side door out of the tracks. Detach it from the center door section and lay it on the garage floor or in the driveway. Detach the center door section from the second side door. Slide the second side door out of the tracks. Set the undamaged sections aside.

Step 3: Repair the Section

Remove the damaged panel from the door section. Slip the panels out above the damaged panel. Repair the panel if it is dented. Lay it on a flat-topped work bench covered with an old blanket or large towel to prevent scratching the door panel. Hammer the dent out with a rubber mallet, and put the repaired panel back into the door. You can repair a dented single panel door in the same way. Hammer the dent carefully to prevent bowing or buckling the door section or the door frame.

Step 4: Measure the Section for Replacement if Needed

If an individual door section is too damaged for repair, measure it and order a replacement. Measure the length and width of the section including the top rail and bottom rubber mudflap. Check for a model number and style tag on the section, and contact the maker to check if a replacement is available. If the door style is no longer made, ask the maker to recommend a suitable substitute.

Step 5: Rehang the Door Sections

Ensure the new panels and the old panels in the repaired door fit exactly before rehanging it, so the door is weathertight. Realign the side-door sections with the rolling track, slotting the wheels in carefully, and insert each side door section into the door frame. Insert the center section and reconnect it to both side door sections. Refasten all screws and bolts with the power drill and suitable bit. Reconnect the electricity to the door and test it for correct functioning.