Repairing Inflatable Swimming Pool Holes

To repair your inflatable swimming pool, all you need are a few tools and the repair kit that came with your particular model.

Repairing Nylon and Vinyl Inflatable Pools

Your pool repair kit should include enough vinyl or nylon for you to cut a patch large enough to completely cover the tear or puncture. Make it circular in shape—since patches usually peel from the corners, a lack of corners will ensure that the patch lasts longer.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the space surrounding the puncture. This will help the patch stick.

Apply glue to the back of the patch. Position it so it completely covers the tear. Press firmly, following the manufacturer's instructions to make sure it adheres properly.

Do no inflate the pool for at least 2 hours.

You can not repair a PVC pool using patches. Tears in PVC require stitching, and you can get more instructions from the dealer manuals.

Stopping Leaks

If you notice that your inflatable pool is leaking water, take a few steps to not only repair these weak spots, but prevent further leaks. First, look to the filter pad, which is where most leaks occur.

If everything looks good, look around the exterior of the pool for any drips or damp spots. When left unattended, these can let lots of water out of the pool.

Finally, check to see whether the pool's rate of leaking is more rapid when the filtration system is operating.

Preventing Leaks

Be proactive to prevent future leaks. Target holes in any drains, skimmers or water returns and plug them with waterproof sealants. You can also secure the skimmers by screwing a plug into them.