Repairing Pool Deck Tile

What You'll Need
Trowels, notched/smooth
Finishing trowel
Water source
Grout applicator tool
Grout scraper
Putty knife
Rubber mallet
Grout colorant
Dish soap
Tile adhesive
Repair patch kit
Color additive for patch kit
Grout sealer

From time to time a pool deck tile or two around your swimming pool may need repair. Wear and tear over the years can play havoc on pool deck tiles. Often it is just a tile that has came loose at the grout line or you may have a broken or cracked tile that needs to be replaced.

The first thing to consider when repairing pool deck tiles is how old they are. The problem is that a lot of colors and styles of tile may now be outdated. The good news is that when you do make repairs, there are usually color tints or powders available. These additives at least, make your finished product appear as close in color to the old as possible.

Identifying Type of Repair

When you do have pool tile repairs, you need to identify what actually needs to be done. Here are the most common types of repairs:

  • Loose tile due to grout line exposure
  • Cracked tile
  • Broken or missing pieces of tile

Exposed Grout Line Repair

This type of pool deck tile repair is probably the most common. Grout wears out after a while and may make the edge of two tiles loose.

Using your grout scraper, remove all old grout. Clean with soap and water. Apply new grout, using color additive if needed. Use the grout applicator tool to do this. Apply grout sealer.

Cracked Tile

Using mild soap and water, clean tile surface thoroughly. Take out the patch kit and mix dry mix with a small amount of water. Mix until it is putty like in the hands. Mix in color additive for the patch kit if desired.

Using a slightly notched trowel, apply mixture to cracked area. Run a smooth trowel over extra mix to make the surface smooth. Feather the edge of the repair by using a damp sponge and applying to the edge of the area. Let area dry.

Broken Tile

This type of pool deck repair can be a bit more tricky. Hopefully, the broken section of tile is still in place. This will make for a better looking repair, then if you are completely missing a chunk of tile.

Complete Tile

Remove broken section of tile carefully and place to the side. Clean area with soap and water. You may need to use your putty knife to remove any small chunks of loose material.

Mix repair patch kit as mentioned above and place on edge of broken tile. Place the broken tile against the mixture edge, just like gluing two pieces of material together. Use rubber mallet if needed to tap gently in place. Using the smooth trowel to make surface flat. Feather edges using wet sponge.

Missing Tile

Follow steps above, but instead of adhering the broken chunk of tile to the whole tile, you will use the patch mix to fill in the missing piece.

Repairing pool deck tile can be easy to do, as long as you have the proper tools/materials and are able to identify what kind of repair needs to take place.