Repairing Scratches in a Corian Countertop

a corian countertop with a sink and a a glass cup with orange soap  inside
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
Damp sponge
Mildly abrasive cleaner
Corian polish
Spray bottle or sink hose
Dish soap
400-grit wet dry sandpaper
scouring pad

A corian countertop looks very similar to natural stone, and comes in several different colors and shades. While it isn't very pricey, it does have a sleek and polished look to it, that finishes off any kitchen decor. It is very important to maintain your corian countertops to prevent damage, and it is possible for them to scratch slightly if you aren't careful. If you find a scratch on yours, here are a few steps that you can take to remedy it.

Step 1 - Determine the Amount of Damage

Before you can begin repairing, you have to determine the size of the scratch. Wipe down the area with a damp sponge, to clean off the surface and give you a better look at the situation that you are dealing with. If it seems as though the damage done is minor, you may want to try just cleaning it, to see if that will remedy the problem. However if the scratch is definitely larger, you will need to take more serious action, which may include sanding the area down.

Step 2 - Repair Small Scratch

Use a scouring pad to clean the area with a mildly abrasive cleaner. Use the damp sponge again to wipe off any excess cleaner. Check to see if cleaning the area has taken care of the scratch. You may have to do this several times for it to work. Once you have gotten rid of the scratch, rinse off all of the cleaner, and use a soft clean rag to dry the whole countertop. Use a brush to apply polish to the area, so that it matches with the rest of the countertop again.

Step 3 - Repair Large Scratch

With a larger scratch, use the sink hose or a spray bottle to fill it with water. Then, take a wet dry piece of sandpaper and sand it, until the entire scratch is gone. Next, fill up the spray bottle with warm water and dish soap. Spray this mixture over the entire countertop and use a scouring pad to clean it thoroughly. Once you are finished, rinse off the entire counter, and use a soft rag to dry it. Apply polish to restore the shine back to the way it was before. Use a brush or clean rag to do this.

Step 4 - Prevent Future Damage

The easiest way to prevent any damage being done in the future is to seal your countertop. You need to purchase the correct sealant for corian, which can be found at a hardware store or on-line. Cover the countertop completely with 1 thin layer of sealant. Allow it to dry for several hours. Then, repeat this step to apply 1 final layer. Once the countertop is dry and you can begin using it again, be sure not to use it as a cutting board.