Repairing Weathered Brick Columns

What You'll Need
Support column
Steel hammer and chisel
Carpenter's level
Replacement bricks
Weatherproof mortar
Mortar tooler
Safety glasses

Repairing brick columns is something you can do with the right materials. Follow the steps below to repair weathered brick columns to improve your home's safety and beauty:

Step 1: Assess the Damage

Find out if the column is cracked or if it has only flaking mortar. You may need to replace whole layers of brick or just the mortar. Put a steel support or long wood plank beside a load-bearing column to hold the load while you repair the column.

Step 2: Remove Damaged Parts

Tap the damaged areas with a hammer and cold chisel to loosen them. Pull the bricks and mortar out carefully.

Step 3: Clean and Rinse the Bricks and Column Area

Dust off and dampen the column and the replacement bricks so the mortar will adhere better.

Step 4: Mix and Apply Mortar

Mix the mortar so it is just a bit thinner than caulking. Spread mortar with the trowel in the column and on the brick.

Step 5: Insert the Bricks

Insert each brick into the column. Secure the edges with thicker mortar. Press the curved side of a mortar tool into the grooves around all the bricks to set the bricks.