Replace a Hot Tub Ozonator in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Replacement Ozonator
Installation Manual
Owners Manual

The hot tub ozonator is a device used in a hot tub to regulate the ozone level. Most hot tubs have this device installed and replacing it is as simple as locating the ozonator and following the installation instructions. This installation can be done in 4 steps. Most of the steps required to complete the installation of the replacement ozonator can be found in the installation manual and should be followed to the letter.

It should be noted that is there is any electrical wiring that needs to be done in connection with the ozonator’s installation, contact a qualified electrician! Do not attempt to do any electrical wiring yourself that involves water if you have never done this work before. The results from an improper wiring can be electrocution or death!

Step 1: Locating the Ozonator

Before you begin replacing the hot tub ozonator, turn of the power to the hot tub and disconnect the plug. This needs to be done to avoid any accidental electrocution. The ozonator is usually found underneath the spa cabinet above the water line. Use the owner’s manual or installation manual for your model hot tub in order to find the location of your ozonator. Use a screwdriver or required tool to remove any housing covers.

Step 2: Connecting the Ozone Tubing

Once you locate the ozonator, locate the clear tubing that attaches to the ozonator. Check the tubing line to make sure that it is clear before attaching the replacement ozonator to it. If the tubing looks muddy or in need of replacement, commence with the replacement of the clear tubing first before attaching the replacement ozonator.

Step 3: Connecting the Ozonator

Connecting the ozonator to the electrical circuit should be easy. There should be a plug for your ozonator in the equipment panel. Locate the plug and follow the connection instructions in the installation manual.

Step 5: Test the Ozonator Installation

Once you complete the installation of the ozonator, turn the hot tub on and set the timer. The ozonator should begin working, converting oxygen into ozone. The operation of the replacement ozonator should be as described in the installation manual. If it is not operating properly, shut off the hot tub and review the steps taken to install the replacement ozonator. If after reinstalling the unit it fails to work properly, you may have a defective unit that needs to be returned to the manufacturer or retailer.