Replace Aluminum Siding for Better Wi-Fi Signals

Aluminum siding is great. You don't have to paint it, it lasts for years, and it will maintain the value of your home by helping with insulation. There are downsides to aluminum siding in the new technological world. Aluminum, being a metal, has the probability of reducing or removing Wi-Fi signal ability from passing through.

Benefits of Aluminum Siding with Wi-Fi

There are definitely beneficial purposes for aluminum siding with regards to Wi-Fi. Since the aluminum will shield the signal from passing through then a home's Wi-Fi will maintain it's integrity and security. Others will find it nearly impossible to piggy-back off your wireless signal. This helps to reduce or remove the potential for a hacker getting into your home network and wreaking havoc on your data and computers.

Problems with Aluminum Siding

You will not be able to take your laptop outside and use your Wi-Fi in your gazebo because you also will be unable to pick up the signal. There is no problem with the Wi-Fi signal within your home's external walls.


Replacing your aluminum siding to improve your external signal access is the best option. If you desire to use your Wi-Fi signal outside your home it may be possible to just replace the aluminum siding with comparable wood or vinyl siding on a single side of your home. This will help to ensure your signal security but allow the integrity of your Wi-Fi to transfer to your own outside haven.