Replace an Insulated Glass Unit in a Fixed-Type Sash

What You'll Need
Claw hammer
Finishing nails
Caulking gun and caulk
Framing tape
Multi-head screwdriver
Cordless drill
Thin pry bar
Dust mask
Putty knife
Utility knife
Safety goggles
Heat gun

Fogging windows mean your insulated glass unit has lost its seal. Follow these tips to replace insulated glass panels in a fixed sash.

Step 1: Examine and Remove the Window Sash

The insulated glass unit will be sealed to the frame by a gasket, tape over a vinyl or aluminum stop, or with caulking. Remove the entire window sash to get the glass out most easily. Lay the sash on a flat surface.

Step 2: Free the Glass Unit from the Stops

Remove the gasket, tape or caulking, by slicing it with a utility knife or prying it out with the putty knife. Pry out the stops carefully with a putty knife, as you will reuse them for the new window glass. If the adhesive or putty is stuck tight, warm it with a heat gun for easier removal. Catch the glass pieces in a tarp for safe disposal.

Step 3: Insert the New Glass Unit

Insert the new insulated glass unit gently into the frame. Replace the stops and nail them into place with finishing nails. Recaulk the frame or reseal it neatly with framing tape, and rehang the window sash.