Replace Double Pane Window Glass vs Replace Sash

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Replacing a double pane window glass with a new one is a more economical way of repairing a failing window or a broken glass than replacing the whole sash. However, replacing a double pane window glass may never be a completely DIY project. It may be necessary to send the sash to the manufacturer or a window specialist to get a good replacement for the double pane window glass. Here is a comparison between replacing the window glass as compared to replacing the whole sash.

Replacing Window Glass Only

The financial benefit of replacing the window glass only is obvious here because there is no need to purchase a new sash. It is a waste of money to be throwing away a good sash when the replacement of the window glass can rectify the problem.

Windows break for many reasons. They may break during rough weather conditions such as hurricanes, hail storms, blizzards, etc. They may also break due to accidents. It cannot be helped when one of the kids accidentally hits the window with a baseball gone afoul, but it is possible to replace only the window glass without having to spend dollars on a new sash. As soon as the window glass breaks, remove the broken pieces, and the sealant from the sash and take the sash to a local window specialist. The specialist can inspect the sash and determine whether it needs to be replaced or not.

The problem with replacing window glass is that the material that tightly seals the edges also has to go with the broken glass. This means that the window may not be as airtight as the original one was after the replacement of the double-pane glass. Nonetheless, careful installation of the new glass onto the old sash will definitely bring the same benefits as that of the original window.

Double Pane Window Types

Double pane windows come in different types. The two panes may be spaced at ½-inch or ¾-inch. This provides more efficient noise reduction and insulation from the colder temperatures outside the home during cold winter seasons. Some types of double pane windows have glasses coated with UV coating to maximize the solar energy entering the interior of the house. This is ideal for houses built in cold regions. There are also different types of windows according to the material of the frame used. Some frames are made of vinyl, while others are made from fiberglass or wood. The least durable of these materials is wood because the frames will likely rot away after long-term exposure to moisture.

Replacing the Sash

Replacing the window sash should only be considered when it is already in bad condition. This happens when the material used to manufacture the sash shows signs of failure or it is already rotting. If not, then replacing the window glass is a far better option. Replace the whole sash as well when considering replacing the sash type. Single-hung sashes allow only one sash to move up. Double-hung sashes allow both sashes to slide up and down. Horizontal sliding sashes allow the sashes to move left and right.