Replace Sliding With Hinged Mirror Medicine Cabinet Doors

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What You'll Need
Stud Finder

Your sliding mirror medicine cabinet may be something that you wish to remove. Typically, the most popular type of mirrored cabinet door is a hinged cabinet door. They are easy to install. You simply need to ensure that you have the right tools and the proper knowledge.

Step 1 - Clean the Cabinet

Prepare the area by completely removing everything from the cabinets. Doing so will prevent them from spilling later on. It is also a good idea for you to get all of your tools laid out and ready for use as well as your new cabinet doors. It gives you a chance to toss out anything that is outdated. Place the contents in a small shoe box or plastic bag for later use.

Step 2 - Remove Sliding Mirror Door

Remove the original medicine cabinets doors. Find the area where the cabinet is connected with the wall. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws. Have somebody help you with this task as these types of cabinets are heavy and awkward to carry alone.

Step 3 - Level

Use the level to guide the new door. Once you have it in place, use your pencil to mark the location of the cabinet. Now is also a good time to have an assistant, as they will be able to help you hold the cabinet in place until it is level.

Step 4 - Find Studs

Use the stud finder to identify the position of the studs. Then mark the cabinet interior in the correct locations. Drill 4 holes from the back of the cabinet where you have marked for the holes.

Once you have the areas marked and the cabinets drilled, you are ready to install the cabinet. Use the screws that came with the cabinet and install them. Drill them through the wall into the studs. If you were unable to find the studs, you will need to use hollow wall fasteners.

Step 6 - Test

Ensure that the cabinets are secure and test them slowly. Before you begin to put things back into the cabinet, check the sturdiness of it yourself. Grip it and move it gently at first to see if it is loose. Check to make sure the screws are installed correctly and are in the studs. If the cabinet is not loose, then apply a little more pressure until you feel comfortable filling it back up. Once you have the cabinet checked and full, properly dispose of the old cabinet.