Replacing a Ceiling Fan Glass Dome

What You'll Need
New glass dome from the manufacturer. If available. If not, you will need the following:
New ceiling fan light kit
Wire strippers
Needle nose pliers
Wire nuts
Circuit tester or multi-meter

If you need to replace the ceiling fan glass dome or the glass that covers your ceiling fan’s light assembly, you may or may not have to change out the entire ceiling fan light kit. If only the glass is broken, you may be able to order a replacement from the manufacturer. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the glass dome on your ceiling fan.

Step 1 - Determine the Problem

First, you'll need to determine whether you need to replace only the glass or the entire ceiling fan light kit. If only the glass dome is broken or missing, contact the manufacturer of the fan and ask them if they sell a replacement dome. If they do, this will be the easiest way to solve your problem.

Step 2 - Purchase a Ceiling Fan Light Kit

If the manufacturer no longer sells the glass dome for your ceiling fan, you will need to buy a ceiling fan light kit with a new glass dome. Most home improvement stores sell ceiling fan light kits that can be used for various sized ceiling fans. Before you visit the home improvement store, measure the width of the lighting kit base that is attached to the ceiling fan. Make sure to write this measurement down and take it with you when you buy your light kit.

Step 3 - Turn Off the Power

Turn off the circuit breaker that provides currency or ceiling fan. Use the switch or chain that turns the ceiling fan on and off to make sure the power is indeed off.

Step 4 - Remove the Old Light Kit

The lighting kit on your ceiling fan is usually secured to the ceiling fan base with three or four screws. Remove the screws and remove the lighting kit from the fan base until you can reach the wiring assembly.

Step 5 - Disconnect the Old Light Kit

Remove the wire nuts from the black and white wires that connect the light kit to the ceiling fan. Check the connection with a circuit tester or multi-meter to verify the wires are not electrified.

Step 6 -Connect the New Light Kit

Use new wire nuts to connect black to black and white to white wire connections for the new light kit to the ceiling fan. Push the wires back into the wire housing. Then, line the screw holes up and tighten the screws to secure the light kit to the ceiling fan.

Step 7 - Install Light Bulbs

Install the appropriate number of light bulbs in your ceiling fan light kit. Use the old ones if they still work or install new ones.

Step 8 - Install the Glass Dome

First, loosen the three set screws on the lip of the glass dome retainer ring. Then, carefully insert the lip of the glass dome into the retainer ring so that it is flash and level. Tighten the retaining screws slowly, just enough so that it holds the glass dome in place. Finally, adjust the screws slowly until the dome is balanced and secure.