Replacing a Damaged Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Bracket

What You'll Need
2 Step Ladders
Socket Wrench
Tape Measure
Scrap Wood
Torpedo Level
New Mounting Bracket

When you own a screw drive garage door opener there are going to be times when you will need to do some basic maintenance and repairs. Most of the repairs that need to be done to a garage door opener mostly have to do with the structural portion of the mechanism rather than the mechanical. Things like loose bolts, uneven rails, and broken mounting brackets are common problems with garage door openers. The weekend do-it-yourselfer can easily fix a broken mounting bracket with several common tools and a few hours. Here are the steps to take to fix your screw drive garage door opener bracket.

Step 1: Set up Step Ladder

Chances are, the mounting bracket is going to be either holding up the screw drive railing or the motor head itself. Most of the time, any damaged mounting bracket is one that is holding the rail. Position your step ladder near the mounting bracket, but not directly underneath it. Place the ladder where you can reach it comfortably without bending or looking over your head.

Step 2: Set Second Ladder 

By using another step ladder you are, in essence, receiving another set of hands. Place the other ladder directly under the broken mounting bracket. To make up the difference in space you can use some scrap wood until it rests directly underneath the railing. This will hold up the rail while you are removing the damaged bracket. 

Step 3: Remove Damaged Bracket

By using your socket wrench you will now be able to remove the damaged mounting bracket without any worry about it falling down or trying to hold on to it. Unscrew the mounting bolts from the rail first. Let it rest on the wooden blocks that are on the ladder. Then turn your attention to the bolts on the bracket itself. Remove these and set the bolts aside. Take down the damaged bracket.

Step 4: Inspect Wooden Mount

Generally, the mounting bracket for the screw drive garage door opener will be wooden mount where the bracket was bolted to. It is a good idea to inspect this before screwing in a new bracket. 

Step 5: Install New Mounting Bracket

Raise the new mounting bracket into position where the previous bracket was installed. Secure it using the same bolts that were with the previous one. Snug it tight so that there is no movement with the bracket. 

Step 6: Check for Level

Once the new bracket is installed you will then lift up the rail back into position. Set it on the bracket and attach is with the supplied screws. Do not tighten the screws up all the way yet. Set your torpedo level on the rail to see if it is still sitting level. If not, you can remove the mounting bracket and place a piece of wood shim in between the bracket and the wooden mount. If it is level, you can then secure the railing to finish off replacing the damaged screw drive garage door opener bracket.