How to Replace Bathroom Faucet Fixtures

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What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Measuring tape

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you need to learn how to replace bathroom faucet fixtures. Here is a basic how-to guide on replacing bathroom faucet fixtures.??

Step 1 - Preparation

Measure the bathroom faucet fixtures that you intend to replacement by taking the length between the outermost knobs. It would be best for you to simply remove the product and bring it with you to the hardware store.

Step 2 - Assess Current Installation Situation

The biggest installation challenge is completely removing the fixture from the back of the wall. There may be an access panel behind the fixture but this is not always the case.

Assessing the situation is absolutely vital to making sure that you have the right tools. Having the right tools will ensure that you install the replacement bathroom fixture correctly the first time. It is a pain to have to stop in the middle of a DIY project because you don’t have the right tool.

Step 3 - Replace the Fixture

Every type of fixture within your bathroom has different quirks. The most difficult type of bathroom faucet fixtures are generally shower faucets because removing the knobs is the only easy part. The fixture is connected to the water pipes behind the wall.

Copper pipes are easy to detach from the faucet fittings; however, if the copper fittings have become rusty and old, they may give you trouble. There are 2 important tricks to consider when it comes to removing and replacing bathroom faucet fixtures. Ensure that the dimensions of your old fitting and your new fitting work together by taking care to measure the old fitting's dimensions. Ensure that you are following the manufacturer directions of the new fitting before you go about installing it.