Replacing Old Toy Boxes

Replacing old toy boxes may give you several choices that bring contemporary styles and ideas into play. Most old toy boxes were constructed of various woods that could either be stained or painted. Today’s choice of toy boxes still include wood boxes, plus a variety of plastic boxes to meet the needs for lightweight durability sought by many parents. Also, many toy boxes today are integral pieces in furniture grouping offered as part of a child’s bedroom décor.

The Plain Box

Replacing an old toy box with a plain wooden box–four sides, a bottom and a hinged top that flips up–is one method that leaves it open to your imaginative finishing. Personalizing a plain box by stenciling on your child’s name and other favorite designs is a great method to customize the toy box.

Theme Boxes

Many children are drawn to a particular occupation like a fireman, nurse, policeman, soldier, pilot, doctor and much more. Making or purchasing a toy box created to look like a fire station, hospital, airplane hangar or other similar structure will help kids put their toys away. Any child who loves playing with fire engines will want to “drive” it into the station when done “putting out the fire.”  The toy box, in fact, could be designed like a fire engine, police car, airplane, locomotive or many other “transportation” themed ideas. Animal themes also work well with a toy box built to look like a barn–red with painted on hay lofts and side doors.

The Feminine Touch

Although a lot of design ideas that come to mind quickly suit little boys, don’t forget that little girls want a touch of femininity about the room. Pink and lavender colored toy boxes are favorite choices. Many can mimic furniture pieces that add to the little girl’s room décor. Choices for designs include everything from a butterfly box to puppies, horses and more. The princess theme remains consistent from generation to generation for little girls. Horse-drawn carriage or castle shapes are preferred choices.

Other Designs

All children's shows with recognizable characters market toy boxes based on either the show theme, or look like the character itself. Favorite animal choices like a frog toy box, turtle toy box, horse toy box and others are popular choices, although straying far from the typical rectangle or square-shaped toy box. Some toy box designs also include familiar shapes like a big, yellow school bus.

Activity-Based Themes

Toy boxes are also marketed with activity-based themes. These ones contain learning toys that help in childhood development, such as learning shapes, recognizing sounds, math or reading. Choosing a themed toy box or creating a customized, personal storage unit is going to be a great replacement for that old toy box. New types of toy boxes allow for greater expression of a child’s interests and playtime.

Check out the many styles and themes available in toy boxes today by surfing the net. Often manufacturers and distributors offer bargain discounts for online ordering.