Replacing Parts For A Solar Bird Bath

Finding new parts for your solar bird bath should be fairly simple although there are not many parts that can go wrong.

The Birdbath Pump

If the pump on your bird bath stops working properly, you might find that it needs to be cleaned rather than replaced. The motor runs at a very low power, so it doesn’t take much to jam the impellor blade.

Read the instructions for your bird bath to find out the position of the pump and how to remove it. Cover the solar panel to stop any power being generated, and remove the pump according to the instructions. Make sure the inlet and outlet ports are not blocked and that there is nothing in the pump blocking the impellor.

Try to force some water through the pump the wrong way. You won’t damage the pump but you might wash out a blockage. If the pump will still not work after being cleaned, check the solar panel before buying a replacement pump.

The Solar Panel

Not much will stop a solar panel working except for dirt or shade. Use a multimeter to check whether the panel is producing power. If it is producing power, check each of the wires that connect the solar panel with the birdbath pump to make sure one is not broken or shorted out.

If the panel is not producing any power, replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is very unusual for a solar panel to stop working, so you might be due a free replacement.

To replace the solar panel, solder the wires to the terminals.

Water Pipes

There are few pipes in a solar bird bath, but they can split or become loose. To replace, disconnect the old and reconnect the new. While it is always best to use products made by the original manufacturer, this is less important when dealing with pipes and tubes. Just make sure they are the correct length and diameter.