Replacing Parts On A Solar Fountain

Matt B.

When you are looking for a good quality water feature, a solar fountain is a great option. However, the parts of a solar fountain will eventually need to be replaced, like most . Here are some tips to help you keep yours running.

Drain Water

When you want to replace anything on a fountain you need to drain the water. It will make working in the fountain much easier. Draining your fountain is as simple as connecting a small hose to the outlet of the pump and draining the water into a bucket.

Disconnect Pump from Solar Panel

A screwdriver is the only tool you will need to remove the pump from the solar panel. Usually it is connected through a plug-in that secures with a small tab. Pry up this tab, without breaking it, and disconnect the two ends. Lift out the pump and thread the cord up through the fountain until it comes out.

Disconnect the Water Tube

Unscrew the clamp that holds the water tube to the pump and remove. Now the fountain pump is free from the fountain and can be taken out and set aside.

Replace the Water Tube

Once the water tube is disconnected from the water pump it can generally be removed by pulling it gently through the fountain. It may be connected to the top by a clamp to hold it in place. If so, unscrew this clamp and remove the top of the water tube. To install the new tube, thread the flexible tube down through the fountain and use the clamp to attach it to the pump.

Replace Solar Panel

When the solar panel is free from the connection to the water pump, you can also replace the panels. There are two attachments. The first is where the panel is bolted directly to the fountain. Simply unbolt the panel and replace it with a new one. The second is where the panel is its own housing and is stuck into the ground away from the fountain. This requires simply reconnecting a new solar panel to the pump.

Replace Pump

When replacing your pump make sure it is the same type. Many pumps will have too much power for certain fountains and will make more of a mess than letting water cascade over the feature. If possible, get the same model. Place the pump back in the fountain basin and reconnect the tube and solar panel, and thread the power cord back out through the fountain. Seal the cord outlet with caulking to keep it watertight.

Replace Filter

Some solar fountains have the filter connected to the pump where the water goes through it, or as a stand alone filter just before the pump area. Whichever your fountain has, simply unscrew the cover for the filter and replace it with a compatible filter.

Replace Water

Most of the time you can keep your solar fountain working great by simply replacing the water. Clean water will run effortlessly through the filter, pump and water hose. After you drain the fountain, fill it with distilled water for the cleanest option.