Replacing Rollers on Sliding Doors

What You'll Need
Sliding door rollers
Oil can

Sliding doors are meant for you to have easy access to the outside environment such as a deck, pool or other treatment. Opening a sliding door should be easy to do because the door is on rollers and sliding across a metal beam. If you have to strain yourself to open your set of sliding doors then most likely the sliding door rollers are failing. The rollers on the bottom of the sliding doors can easily get dirty, dented and worn out to make rolling incredibly difficult. Rust can also be a factor if you have an older door with metal rollers. You can spend money to hire a professional, or you can do it yourself. The following article will explain how to replace the rollers on your sliding doors.

Step 1 - Determine the Doors to Remove

Sliding doors come in two pieces. One of the two doors is the door that slides while the other remains in place. To determine how you have to proceed you need to stand outside of the sliding doors. Make sure the door is closed then look at it closely. If the door that remains still is on the outside then you will probably have to remove both doors. Before you go through the trouble of removing the stationary door go back inside and try to lift the sliding door off of the track. Typically the track will prevent you from removing the door from the inside. The rollers can be adjusted so you can remove the door but if the frame is the problem then you have to remove the stationary door.

Step 2 - Remove the Stationary Door

If you use a screen door you will have to remove that first. Lift one end off the frame and remove the roller then remove the screen door. The stationary door is kept in place by a metal guard along the track bottom. Remove this piece of metal. Locate the screws that are holding the door in place and remove them. You can now lift the stationary door out of the frame.

Step 3 - Adjusting the Rollers

In order to remove the sliding door from the track without removing the stationary door; you will have to adjust the rollers. Locate the adjusting screws on the roller. If you turn the screws clockwise the roller wheels are pulled upward. This will give you enough room to remove the door.

Step 4 - Removing and Replacing the Rollers

After all this hassle you can now remove the rollers. Look for the screws that are holding the rollers in place and remove them. These screws will also most likely be holding the metal frame in place so do not get worried when it comes off. To put the new rollers on you simply need to put them in the same spot as the old ones and tighten the screws. Replace the sliding door and adjust the rollers then replace the stationary and screen doors.