How to Replace Shower Curtain Rods

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 140-250
What You'll Need
Clean cloths
Cleaning agent
New shower curtain rod
New shower curtain rod brackets
Step ladder
Spackling compound

You can update your bathroom by replacing the shower curtain rod with something new and trendy. It may be time to take down the boring shower curtain rod that has been sitting in the same spot all of these years, but purchasing a new shower curtain rod can immediately change the appearance of your bathroom and update it without much expense.

Measure Area

Measure the old shower curtain rod and the area where it will be going before heading to the store.

Choose Style

Bathroom shower curtain rods are available in various colors and finishes, such as stainless steel, brushed nickel, or even solid colors. There are also simple vinyl casings that can cover the old shower curtain rod quickly and inexpensively. These casings can also be removed and changed frequently.

Remove Old Rod

If you have a shower curtain rod that is on a spring, simply pop 1 end off the wall and then slide the shower curtain and the rings off.

Clean Areas

Next, use a clean cloth and general cleaning agent to clean the area before installing a new shower curtain rod. It is important that the area be clean and free of debris remaining in order for the new rod to stay in place.

Unwrap and Place

Unwrap the new rod and take an end in hand, while holding the other end. Release the spring and let it adhere to 1 of the walls of the shower. At the same time, bring the other end up and place it at the opposite end. Spring rods can usually expand and fit the area as needed. They are usually packaged under compression and will expand when unpacked. They twist easily to make them longer or shorter.

Permanent Rod Changes

If you have a permanent shower rod in place that is not a spring rod, it will take a little more effort to replace. Most permanent rods are installed on brackets that adhere to the wallboard. You can completely unscrew the old brackets and replace them.

Remove Brackets

Unscrew old brackets and install the new brackets by fastening them with screws. You might have to fill in old holes and drill new holes if the originals are stripped and cannot hold new hardware. Apply the spackling compound with a paint spatula. Let it dry completely before placing new screws.

Creative Casings

If you have chosen to simply place a new casing in a different color or design over the older rod, follow steps 1-3 and cover the older rod with the new casing. Change it as often as you’d like.