Replacing Wood Siding with Brick: A How to Guide

What You'll Need
Wheel barrow
Circular saw
Water membrane

If you replace your old wood siding with brick, you will benefit from a superior siding option that is much more durable. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace your wood siding with brick.

Step 1 - Remove the Siding

The first thing that you need to do is remove the old siding. Use your crowbar to pry the old siding away from the wall. Make sure that the wall is completely cleaned off before moving forward.

Step 2 - Install Membrane

Next, install the water membrane. This will prevent any moisture from getting in through the brick and into the wall.

Step 3 - Mix Mortar

You will then need to mix up the mortar in a wheelbarrow. Make sure that it is not too watery or not too hard. 

Step 4 - Apply the Bricks

Start applying the mortar to the wall with your trowel, and push bricks into it. Make sure that they are straight and even as you put them in with your level.

Step 5 - Cut to Fit

Use your circular saw to make the necessary cuts on the brick to fit around corners, windows, etc.

Step 6 - Grout

After allowing the mortar to dry overnight, you can then apply grout to the joints.