Replacing Your Copper Gutters with New Gutters

What You'll Need
Chalk Line
Measuring Tape
Seamless Gutter Lines
Corner Mounts

While copper gutters are beautiful, they may need to be replaced on older homes when they have simple worn out and it would be more expensive to repair them than to replace them.

Gutter Choices
There are many different kinds of gutters available on the market today. These include inexpensive aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters and gutters that have a leaf-guard system on them to help keep them clear of leaves and other debris that accumulate in the gutter line. Seamless gutters are among the most popular types of gutters for homeowners who plan on installing their gutters themselves.

Installing Gutters
A gutter installation project is one that should not be tackled alone. If this is a project you are going to undertake, you will need at least one extra set of hands to help you get the gutters up so they can be installed. You will also need to have at least two ladders.

Step 1
Measure the length of gutter line you will need by walking the length of each side of the house. Remember that if the home has more than one story, you will need gutters for all stories.

Count each corner to determine how many corner mounts you will need.

Decide where you want downspouts to be placed and how many you will need. It is a good idea to have downspouts placed in several spots across the line of a wall to ensure that the gutters will not overflow.

Step 2
Purchase your gutter system, including the correct length of gutter line, corner mounts and downspouts. You will also need to purchase hangers so that you can attach the gutters to the house.

Step 3
Calculate the amount of drop you will need in order to insure that the gutters will drain correctly. Generally, you can calculate one to two inches of drop for every 40 feet of house.

Snap a chalk line along where you intend to hang the gutters, including the drop line.

Step 4

Start at a corner where you do not intend to place a downspout or, if you are placing downspouts on all corners, start in the center of the roof line. First position a hanger and then hammer it into place with nails. Follow the installation instructions on how often to position hangers along the roof line and install all of the hangers before moving to start placing the gutter lines. Generally, hangers are placed approximately every 24 to 30 inches.

Step 5

Install the corner mounts and then begin attaching the gutter lines to the hangers, starting at the corners of the roof line. Generally, gutter lines will simply snap into place on the hangers. Once you have all of the gutter lines in place, then install the downspouts according the to the manufacturer instructions.


While copper gutters are extremely beautiful on almost any house, eventually they wear out and need to be replaced. There are many inexpensive gutter systems available on the market today and installing a new gutter system is a relatively easy job for a weekend home improvement project. Make sure that you measure the length of gutter line you will need carefully and then, with the help of an assistant, install your gutter system on your home.