Replacing Your Kitchen Tile Backsplash to Update Style

White tile backsplash with toaster in front

After several years, a glazed tile kitchen backsplash can look tired, stained, and may have cracks. When you upgrade your kitchen, you will want to replace this tile kitchen backsplash. Here are several options for you to consider when replacing your kitchen tile backsplash to update your kitchen's decor and style.

Style Options

The most trendy kitchen backsplashes are either high-tech, natural materials, or showcase creativity. Various materials reflect these styles as described below. When using any type of tile, use the largest size of tile you can fit into the space. Choose colors for your backsplash from your appliances, your cabinetry, your countertops, or flooring.

High-Tech Kitchen Backsplash - Metals

metallic backsplash

A high-tech kitchen with stainless steel appliances is one of the latest style trends. Accent your kitchen backsplash with similar materials, including aluminum or stainless steel formatted to look like embossed tin or copper. If you have black or white modern appliances, use silver-toned brushed stainless steel as your backsplash material. Etched stainless steel in a stripe or checkerboard pattern also adds high-tech elegance. These metal sheets are easy to install, water and grease-resistant, and clean up quickly and effectively.

High-Tech Glass Tiles

Glass tiles also lend a high-tech look to a contemporary kitchen. They can be striated or clear glass, and complement kitchen cabinetry accented with glass door inserts. You can also attach art to your kitchen backsplash and cover it with clear glass sheets cut to size. This allows you to enjoy the artwork while protecting it from water spots and food stains.

High-Tech Mirror Finishes

Use mirrored surfaces cut to size to fit spaces in the backsplash, or embellish the whole backsplash with large mirror tiles. These tiles will reflect every light source, adding brightness to the workspaces in front of the backsplash, facilitating cooking and cleaning tasks. Keep the grout between mirror tiles at 1/16 inch to ensure maximum reflectiveness.

Natural Style Kitchen Backsplash

Terra cotta unglazed tiles and natural stone or marble tiles will bring natural style and warmth into your kitchen. Choose from a variety of embossed tiles, plain tiles, and mix and match tiles to form your own unique pattern. Marble tiles are great around the stovetop because they are highly resistant to heat. Finish off with a waterproof grout and seal the grout to prevent stains from cooking oils and sauces. Mix copper or brass squares among the tiles to add shine and color. If your budget allows, extend the granite material you have installed for your countertop right up the walls as a backsplash. This material is usually very dark, so it works best in kitchens with stainless steel or white appliances and white or light-colored cabinets.

Creative Kitchen Backsplash

mosaic tile backsplash

Make a putty base and spread it all over the backsplash area. Insert whole tiles, broken tiles, glass or mirror tile fragments, and found objects such as smooth flat stones from the beach, water-eroded glass pieces, and seashells. Cover as much of the putty as you can, and allow it to dry. Glaze the whole backsplash after it is dried and set with clear polyurethane to prevent water damage and stains.