Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Non-staining and without a pungent odor, repositionable spray adhesive is a transparent, fully adjustable spray-on glue that creates a workable bond on the majority of lightweight materials. Very useful for craft applications, materials coated with repositionable spray adhesive may be removed from their bond, adjusted and repositioned. The lasting tack created by the adhesive leaves no residue and does not cause materials to wrinkle or curl.


Repositionable spray adhesive such as Easy-Tack by Krylon is an acid-free adhesive. This property makes it very useful when archiving old photographs. People find it useful when laying out scrapbooks, working with crafting foam, various kinds of paper products, fabrics, decorative trims and making costumes. The light tack provided by spray adhesive forms in seconds and can usually be worked with for up to 3 hours after application. As opposed to faster, harder-setting adhesives, repositionable spray adhesive allows you some wiggle room, so you don't have to be precise the first time.


While repositionable spray adhesive makes an excellent crafting glue, it is not to be used outdoors. Once fully set, the adhesive dries completely clear, does not stain and will not bleed through delicate materials. Other brands that produce this type of adhesive include 3M and Elmers.