Reprogramming the Door Lock Remote for Your Car

If you have a door lock remote for your vehicle, the programming may get out of synch or you may need a replacement. In these cases, reprogramming the remote is necessary.

Here are the steps to do so with a Dodge car; these steps vary slightly by manufacturer:

Step 1 – Check the Battery

Sometimes your programming problem happens as the result of a low battery. Be sure to put a fresh battery in the remote before you reprogram, or you’ll end up with the same problem.

Step 2 – Locate Data Link Connector
Under the driver’s side dash, there is a 16 pin connector. This is located near where the right knee is when driving. Use a wire to ground pin 1 by connecting the wire to pin 4. Pin 4 is a ground pin, so when pin 1 is connected, the system is ready to reprogram.

Step 2 – Insert Key

Put the key in the ignition and turn to “ACC” then back to off. Doors lock and unlock signaling readiness to program.

Step 3 – Push a Button

Choose any button on the remote and push it. If you have a second fob, push a button on that fob as well, within one minute. If you only have one fob, push the button several times. Doors lock and unlock to signal they are done.

Step 4 – Remove Wire
Remove ground wire, and the reprogramming is finished.