Repurposed Produce Storage

A rustic wood crate with apples.

Produce is a tricky creature. The drawer in the fridge is never big enough and even hides what you have. Some fruits and vegetables do best in the cold of the fridge, while others are much better off on your counter where it's warm and dry. Storing produce can be a challenge, especially if you have a bounty of one kind or another. Use the following ideas to create your own produce holder and save space in your kitchen.

Decorative Platter

No need to spend extra dollars on produce holders and racks when you’ve got a perfectly good platter or plate in the cabinet. Use those food platters you only bring out once a year and repurpose them to hold your produce. Stack fruit on one side and veggies on another. Platters are especially nice because there are no wires to dig into the skins of your fresh fruits and veggies. Try setting the platter on top of your toaster oven or microwave to save even more space, Just remember to remove it when using that appliance.

Wooden Crates

Use wooden storage crates for your produce, especially any that you may have in bulk. These can be placed in the bottoms of a pantry, cabinet, or kitchen cart. Fill them with vegetables that have a long shelf life, such as potatoes, onions, and garlic. Wooden storage crates are stackable, heavy duty, and can add to a rustic or country décor.


Instead of getting rid of old nightstands or small dressers with drawers, add them to your kitchen and use them to store your produce. If one won’t fit in your kitchen, it may fit in a pantry or kitchen storage area. You can also remove the drawers and store the produce in shallow crates or on ledges inside of the dresser. The dry, wooden drawers help keep produce that requires dry storage fresh.

Storage Racks

A shower caddy or spice rack can be mounted on the wall and used to store various kinds of produce within easy reach. This saves counter space and can be especially helpful in small kitchens that don’t have much counter space.


Instead of throwing away old baskets, repurpose them by hanging them from ceiling hooks or pan racks. To do so, you must have a high ceiling or space above a kitchen counter or bar that won’t get in the way of cabinet doors, appliances, or other items.

Tie 2 or 3 baskets together with twine or thin rope, one over the other. Attach them by using a piece of twine that is about 10 inches long, and tie each end around the edge of each basket to attach them. Do this with 2 or 3 pieces of twine around the edges for balance, much like a plant holder. Then do the same from the top basket to create a hanger. This can also be done with paper plate holders, old lamp shades, or pots.

If you have strong baskets with handles, such as ones made out of bamboo, you can simply hang those by themselves and use them for the same purpose.


Many thrift shops have old, hanging birdcages available that never seem to sell. Clean up an old one and use it to store your produce in. If you're hanging it from the ceiling, make sure to hang the cage in a safe place that will not interfere with appliances or cabinets. Leave the door open for easy access.