Restore Your Used Furniture in 5 Easy Steps

What You'll Need
Soft synthetic bristle brush
Stain or paint
Soft cloths
Sand paper
Wood putty
Clear finish

Restoring and renewing your used furniture can save you a great deal of money and prevent the added expense of new furniture. With a bit of time and effort, you can give your used furniture a new look. To restore and renew your older furniture, read the following information which will help you get started in the process.

Step 1 - Get Rid of Old Paint

You will need to remove excess paint and markings in one of two ways. The safest and easiest way to remove old paint by sanding the surface. If there is an excessive amount of old paint, you can opt to use a stripping liquid.  Please note that should you use a stripping liquid, the liquid should not sit too long or it will damage the wood. Be sure to wipe the liquid off with a rag or as directed by the instructions on the container.

Step 2 - Check for Damage

Check to make sure your piece of furniture does not have any damage, like holes and cracks as examples. If it does, fill in the holes and patch the cracks with your wood putty. If your used furniture piece has water damage, assess the amount of damage before you start; some wood furniture with severe water damage is not salvageable and should be discarded.

Step 3 - Sand the Furniture

After you have completed your repair, sand the used furniture to level the wood putty, if you used any, and to smooth the overall surface of the furniture. The proper way to sand is to go with, not against, the direction of the grain of the wood. After you finishing sanding, clean the surface of your furniture thoroughly. There should be no debris left over or the finish will not stick properly.

Step 4 - Apply a Paint or Stain

Next, you'll want to apply paint or a stain to renew or update your furniture's look. If you seek a more natural look for your furniture, you should apply a clear finish. However, you can also apply a color finish to give your furniture an entirely new look. Should you desire to give your furniture some color, you can either use a color stain or a wood paint. If you use a stain, make sure you test the color on a small area before you place it on the entire surface. When you are ready to apply the stain on the entire surface, be sure to go with the grain and wait for the applied coat to completely dry before you apply a second or third coat.

If you'd rather use paint, there are two types that you can choose and those are spray paint or brush-on paint. For wood pieces, it is recommended to use a brush-on paint, however. When you paint the furniture, be careful not to make the first coat too thick. You can apply another coat if necessary later on.

Step 5 - Apply a Finish

After the color has been applied, use a clear coat to seal it. This is necessary for both stains and paints. The clear coat protects the wood from normal wear and tear damage in addition to water, scratches, and pests.