How to Restore Antique Wood Furniture

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Soft cloth free of lint
Natural bristle paint brush
Hard bristle tooth brush
Extra fine steel wool
Lemon oil beeswax polish
Sharpened dowel

Antique wood furniture pieces make popular collectibles due to their classic flair and nostalgic look. If you want to revamp your antique wooden furniture to restore its beauty, follow the steps below to do this project without spending a lot of money.

Step 1 - Clean the Furniture

Start the restoration project by giving the furniture a thorough cleaning. Use the steel wool to remove areas with dirt. Do not scrub too vigorously, as you might scrape the surface. If your furniture has a painted finish or more pronounced grains, do not use the steel wool. Instead, use a hard bristle toothbrush.

If the furniture is not too dirty, remove dust and grime with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals or even water, as doing so can damage the finish of the furniture. Instead, use lemon oil beeswax, which can remove oil, dirt, grime, grease, mold, mildew, and silicone while maintaining the furniture finish. Use a toothbrush or soft cloth to apply the lemon oil beeswax.

Step 2 - Examine the Furniture

After you’re done cleaning, carefully examine the furniture to decide for yourself if it already looks beautiful. Don’t worry about minor defects, as they are part and parcel of the antique’s quality. You can further improve the look of the furniture by buffing it with lemon oil beeswax. Doing so feeds the wood and beautifies it over time. Wipe the antique furniture in a circular motion. Repeat this process at least once a month.

Step 3 - Make Necessary Repairs

If there are major defects on the furniture, such as a broken chair leg or loose hinges, then you need to bring the piece to a professional wood repair center. Unless you’re confident with your handy skills, it would be better to leave this job to the professionals. If the required repair is simple enough, you can do it yourself. If you are going to reassemble the piece, just make sure that you use hide glue, which is made from animal hides.

When restoring antique furniture, there is no need to strip or refinish it. Doing so would only decrease the value of the antique. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and you will soon have a stunning piece of antique furniture for your collection.