Resurfacing a Clay Tennis Court

A clay tennis court provides an excellent surface for playing the game. Eventually, though, it will need to be resurfaced due to wear and tear and age. This is a large undertaking, and one that you can’t do yourself; it needs professional attention. It will cost money, but the more you understand about the process beforehand, the better the decisions you’ll be able to make.


If there’s cracking on the surface of the clay tennis court, you need to determine the cause before going ahead and resurfacing. Have an engineer check the court to determine whether the problem is in the ground. If the problem lies in the ground, then you might not want to even resurface the clay tennis court; if it’s simply going to crack again, then there’s no point.

Types of Surface

The more coats of clay you have on the court, the more it’s going to cost. There’s no way around that. However, the more coats you have, the longer the court will last before resurfacing, so fewer coats can be a false economy. It will also depend on how much the court is used. If you play tennis daily, for instance, you’ll need more coats of clay.

In other words, you have to weight different factors when deciding how many coats you want on the clay tennis court. The average is either 2 coats or 3 coats for the optimum coverage. You might also consider a contract where the company returns every year as part of a maintenance plan and checks and fills in the surface.

Necessary Items

Having the court resurfaced with clay is only one of the points to consider when looking around for quotes. You also want to add in the regular cleaning of the court, repairs to any cracking, having the contractor patch any low areas, and also any textured color coatings. Finally, you should also require a warranty on the work. Generally this will be one year, but you might want to negotiate longer.


Be sure to obtain several quotes from different contractors. Have a complete quote for all the work that you require. Ask for references and follow up on them. This is very important as it gives you a chance to judge the work and what other customers think. Take the time to call all the references a contractor offers, and if possible, go and see the work yourself.

Another important issue is insurance. The contractor needs to carry this so that, in the event of an accident, you have no liability. It’s a given that the contractor should be fully licensed and bonded, too, so be certain that you’re dealing with someone reputable. After taking all these factors into account, you’re ready to make you decision on having the clay tennis court resurfaced. Read the contract very carefully before signing.