Resurfacing an Existing Concrete Cement Walkway

What You'll Need
A friend or family member
Ardex Concrete Dressing
Concrete Repair Caulk
Putty Knife
Drill Motor and Mixing Paddle
Medium Bristle Push Brush
Waterborne Acrylic Sealer
Paint Roller

Over time a concrete cement walkway can crack under the daily grind of heavy automobiles and other traffic, such as bikes and skateboards. Many people worry that in order to correct these problems, they will have to dig out all the old concrete cement and set a new mixture in its place. However, as an owner of one of these walkways, you will be pleased to know that there is a simpler method that requires only filling in the cracks in the concrete cement and applying a small layer of concrete on top.


Step 1 – Fill in the Cracks

Starting with the thin cracks, fill them with a 4:1 ratio of Ardex Concrete Dressing and water and push the solution deep into the cracks in the concrete cement using a putty knife. Next, turn to the wider cracks and fill these with concrete repair caulk. Push it into the cracks and then smooth it with a putty knife.

Step 2 – Mix Concrete

Although you can buy your concrete premixed, assuming you have the equipment, it can be cheaper to make your own. First get a 5-gallon bucket and pour 2 1/2 quarts of water into it. Second, you shall add a 20-pound bag of concrete dressing and mix the solution together for 2 minutes. One of the best tools for the job is the 650-rpm drill motor with a heavy-duty mixing paddle.

Step 3 – Apply the Concrete Dressing

Unless you have made enough concrete dressing for the entire surface of the walkway, you will need to recruit a friend to help you out. Pour the concrete dressing onto the walkway, smoothing and pushing it into all the cracks with a trowel. As you do this, your friend will repeat Step 2. This will continue until the path is all smoothly covered.

Step 4 – Add Grip

Although this step may appear unnecessary in the glorious sunny weather that you are basking under while carrying out this work, when the rain hits, you will be grateful that the surface of your concrete cement walkway isn't slippery. To add a bit of grip to your path, simply brush the damp concrete with a medium bristle push brush.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

It is important that no one walks on the concrete for at least two hours. If your walkway is subject to heavier traffic such as bikes, strollers, etc., then do not allow these objects on it for at least six hours. Ideally, the walkway should be left for 24 hours. Once the 24-hour wait is over, apply a layer of clear waterborne acrylic sealer using a paint roller. This product will protect the concrete cement walkway from the rain and make it easier to clean.